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Strategic Partnerships


                 As stated previously, strategic partnerships / joint venture agreements are both a vital part of our expansion strategy, and a vital service we offer to our clients. Typically our joint venture relationships evolve naturally from our consulting / representative services. We do however on occasion go directly into joint venture relationships if circumstances are right. As each product and client is unique, the structures of our joint venture agreements are equally unique.

1. There are multiple options in structuring a potential joint venture. These options can range from a simple contractual agreement (Our preference initially) to the formation of a third entity.

2. We use our expertise and staff on the ground in the target country and Malaysia to create a comprehensive marketing plan that markets your companies product/s efficiently and effective.

3. We work closely with our bankers and financial partners, both locally and internationally, to structure the trade financing required to successfully complete the trade transaction.

4. As specialist in packaging, branding, logistical planning, warehousing and distribution, we will bring to the potential partnership years of experience and global connections.