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Investment Opportunities 



1. Equity Partner:

             As an expansion oriented company with plans to open an office in China and Dubai in 2009, we have made the decision to offer a twenty percent equity position in the company for RM 600,000. As capital is not the primary reason for bringing in an equity partner, we are looking for a partner that can add connections, experience, or in the case of a business, a product line that is ready to export. This equity partner would take a position on our Board of Directors, and be involved in the decision making process. They will also be entitled to roughly 20% of the profit generated from the company, and this includes deals that were in progress, but not completed prior to investment. Our long term goal is to take the company public, thus providing a liquid market for what we expect will be a greatly increased share value.

2. Capital Partners:

               The intent is to fund our direct trade business by creating a series of strategic financial partnerships for specific shipments of goods. For example, on a shipment of two forty foot containers carrying 100 dining room sets going to the U.S, the total cost including shipping, customs duties… will be approximately $15,000. Using our business model, the items should be pre-sold at $350.00 per unit for a price of $35,000. In our business model, the capital partner / partners will enter into a deal specific partnership with Asset Trading Group, South East Asia to finance this specific shipment. After a 10% management fee, the net profits will be split between the capital partner/ partners and the company. Note that their investment will be secured not only by the goods being shipped, but by shares equal to the investment being pledged to a third party as security until the deal consummates. See below for the numerical analysis:

$35,000 Projected gross whole sale price-                                                                        $10,000 Costs of goods                                                                                                                                   - $5,000 Shipping costs (Will vary by destination and time of year)                                             - $1,500 Customs charges based on 10% of cost                                                                                    -$1,500 Management fee to ATG SEA                                                                                                         -$2,000 Miscellaneous costs (Storage, commissions… in U.S)                                          $20,000 Total projected expenses  

$15,000 Projected net profit

1. Profit Split / Distribution                                                                                                    $10,000  66% (Asset Trading Group, Southeast Asia Sbn. Berhad)                                       $5,000 33% (Capital Partner / Partners)

 Profit return calculation: $5,000 Return / $20,000 Investment = 25% Pre-tax return. Note that the turn around time is between four and six months, making the annual return rate approximately 50%. All figures used are in U.S dollars, although returns and investment will be paid in Malaysia Ringits.

**Note that the total projected expenses (The amount advanced by the Capital Partner), will be treated as an expense, and paid back to the Capital investor before any profits are distributed.