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             The foundation of our business model is providing professional consulting and marketing services to companies that are interested in penetrating the markets we serve with goods or services. It should be again noted that are consulting services go far beyond a cursory review of your business objectives followed by  a written report which you are expected to follow and master. The end goal of our consulting relationship is to translate theories and ideas into sales on the ground. We accomplish this goal by taking a hands on approach through every phase of the process. You will note that we work closely with our clients at every phase, and every phase starts and ends with identifiable, measurable goals for our client. Our tried and proven ninety day consulting /  marketing model is as follows:

 Typical Marketing / Consulting Plan 


I. PHASE 1 (15 Days for completion)


Company analysis:

a.       Understanding your corporate goals.

b.      Understand your company process.

c.       Analyze your targeted products and service from a competitive perspective.


Marketing research:

a.       Identify a geographic / economic regional marketplace.

b.      Identify the consumption patterns of the target product.

c.       Determine current wholesale and retail prices for your product in the market.

d.      Identify the key players (Banks, buyers, distributors…).

e.       Determine customs and shipping costs.

f.       Identify any barriers to trade such as political instability, price ceilings, tariffs, protective legislation…

g.      Prepare an outline of the formal marketing plan, complete with advertising budgets for approval.

h.      Identify third party professionals (Legal, accounting, tax consultants).       


Projected benefits for “Your Company here” from Phase 1


a.       Third party professional analysis of your product, plans and services in the context of achieving your stated export goals.

b.      Targeted market research from which accurate business plans can be designed and implemented.

c.       Review and approval of the prospective marketing plan and budget.



II. PHASE 2 (15 days for completion)

Marketing plan:          


a.       Design an advertising campaign that will “Brand” your specific product in the minds of the consumers and wholesale Buyers.

b.      Design a plan that will make direct contact via phone or Internet with major. players in the industry (Wholesale buyers, retail buyers…).

c.       Design a plan that increases your Internet hits through designing an  e-marketing plan that funnels inquiries directly to your web page.

d.      Design a plan that identifies and makes contact with the relevant government officials (Trade Minister, Customs officials, and Central Bank officials).

e.       Design a plan that informs the relevant local banks and financial institutions about your company, the products and potential financial needs (Letters of Credit, third party escrows, facilitating transfers of capital…).


Benefit to “Your Company here” from Phase 2


a.       Receive a professionally prepared marketing plan that can be directly imported into the existing company business plan, and executed immediately.


III. PHASE 3 (30 days for completion)


      Marketing plan implementations:


a.        Implement an advertising campaign that will include newspaper ads, flyers, and possible signage.

b.        I will make direct contact with the major players in the industry with the intent of explaining the product, price points, and taking market share.

c.        Implement an e-marketing campaign that runs banner ads on relevant sites, moves “Your Company Website” up on the search engine inquiries, and start targeted email advertisement to the Players in the industry.

d.       Make direct phone contact with relevant government officials in search of referrals and ease of trade.

e.        Make direct contact with all relevant financial institutions regarding financial needs of Legends.


Projected benefit to “Your Company here” from Phase 3


a.       Receive the benefits from the implementation of the marketing plan which are as follows:

1.      Increased sales.

2.      Increased Internet hits.

3.      Branding of “Your company name here”  name and logo in the minds of the consumers and whole sale buyers.

4.      Direct communication with the major players in the market place.

5.      Receive the blessings from the relevant government officials.

6.      Begin to engage regional financial institutions which will aid in the execution of the sales, and future expansion into the region.


IV. PHASE 4 (Target date for arrival is October 1st; I expect to be in country for 15 days).



a.       Travel to the region (With a company representative if you desire) as an exclusive agent of “Your company name here”

b.      Organize an information seminar / dinner for all of the relevant parties.

c.       Personally visit all relevant parties privately.

d.      Execute purchase / sell agreements with relevant Buyers.

e.       Visit with local and global banks and make whatever financial arrangements are required to execute transactions.

f.       Coordinate shipping, storage and distribution of said product as may be required.


Benefits to the “Your company name here” from Phase 4


a.       In effect, you will receive all of the benefits of establishing a formal office in the region, without the expense, man power requirements, management… These benefits are as follows:


1.      Direct, local and personal communication with local Buyers.

2.      Direct personal communication with banks, and professional consultation as it relates to the proper financial instruments needed (Letters of Credit, back to back Letters of Credit, and escrow accounts).

3.      On the ground supervision of the arrival and distribution of products imported by “Your company name here”


             Note that this is a general model that can be personalized to adress the clients product, target region and overall business goals. For companies that are established in the market, and want to expand their presence, we can alter the marketing plan to merely enhance their oversees operations. For those companies that want the benefits of selling in the Middle East or Africa, but do not want to invest the time or expense in setting up and monitoring an office, we find that n exclusive representation agreement at the end of the consulting proposal works well. In this case, your products or services will be marketed and sold in the local market using our existing office and staff in either Gambia or Saudi Arabia who will  work closely with your Asian based staff.

                         Fees are reasonable and negotiable, and payment is usually structured on a per phase basis. For a slightly more detailed sample, click the "Consulting Propsal" tab.