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 Buy / Sell Products


               While our business model is heavily slanted to serve the needs of our clients, we do buy and sell products as principles on occasion. This is only done in selected markets, and with select products. We will typically take this course if a consulting or joint venture relationship is not viable or practical. In this case, we search for a supplier or manufacturer that can supply a particular product, and we purchase the product for re-sale. Terms of purchase are of course negotiable, and depending on the product and quantity we may or may not use local financing. It should also be noted that we will work with our suppliers in providing some level of financing (Back to back letters of credit...) if needed to increase production capacity. We are currently searching for suppliers / manufactures that can provide the following products:

1. Packaged beverages (Juice, milk, mineral water).

2. Commodities (Rice, wheat).

3. Electronics (Inexpensive lap tops, cell phones, accessories).

4. Building material (Cement, finished windows and doors).