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                                                                                                               Welcome to our website, from the experts on the developing markets in Africa and the Middle East. International Asset Trading Group S.E. Asia Sdn. Bhd and its affiliated companies have over twenty five years of hands on trade and development experience in the U.S, the Middle East and now Asia. We provide a multitude of business services specifically designed to expand your business into the fastest growing global market places. From custom made marketing plans (Click the Consulting Proposal Tab to see a sample) to business plan implementation, from strategic partnerships to trade financing and agency agreements, we have something for every growth oriented business. With offices in the Unted StatesKuala Lumpur Malaysia, Gambia West Africa and future plans to expand into the Middle East (Note our contact information for our Middle East based contact), we are your one stop bridge to the global market place.





Our focus and experience is in linking products, services and people to the fast developing markets in Africa and the Middle East, with secondary emphasis on under served niche markets in the U.S, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. To achieve our goals, we work closely with governments, banks, shippers, suppliers and purchasers for the mutual benefit of all.  Indeed we understand the language of business, and we speak your language as members of our staff are fluent in Arabic, Tamil, French and Mandarin. As a diversified global company, we are also one of the largest land developers and land owners in West Africa. See our current master planned community at




We are confident that with our three point business services model of consulting, strategic partnerships and standard buy / sell agreements, we have a service for every business interested in expanding. As consultants, we take you and your products from an idea, to sales on the ground.  This includes market research, creation and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan, and representation. We are also eager to form strategic partnerships with expansion oriented companies as well as trade or consulting companies in regions where we need a foot print. Finally, if we think you have a viable product, and a consulting relationship or partnership is not practical, we will buy, re-brand, and export selected products to our target markets under our private brand.